Posted by: camidges | March 26, 2010

Before and After pics

Don’t have the x-rays as of yet, but here is a before and after picture of his chest/tummy:

Before surgery

Ryan Before surgery

Ryan after surgery

Ryan after surgery

Does he look longer to anyone else?



  1. He definitely looks longer! Time for new clothes when you get home 🙂 One day he will thank you for having gone thru this trial. Tell him & Nathan we love them lots & lots. God Bless, Grandma & Grandpa Camidge

  2. He sure does look longer. God bless you guys, you’re definately heros to me and to Ryan.

    later Harry

  3. What a Blessing!! Your labor of love and faith are giving more “Life” to Ryan!! Yes, he definitely looks longer/taller. May God continue to work Mightily in Ryan’s behalf. God’s Will be done in Ryan, as it is in Heaven!! Shalom Blessings, Love & prayers, Pam

  4. Hi Friends,
    It is amazing to see the difference! It is great to see him just “chillin” with his headphones. Thank you for sharing! What a little bit of heaven he is for all of us who know him! We miss him and look forward to seeing him soon!
    Love Gail Waddell

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